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Anime'nin Adı: Naruto
Diğer Adları: ナルト
Kategori: TV Serisi
Tür: Ninja, Doğaüstü Güçler, Aksiyon, Macera
Gönderen: Beloved Angel
Resmi Sitesi: [www]
Bölüm Sayısı: 220
Yayım Tarihi: 3/10/2002 ile 8/2/2007 arası
Firma/Stüdyo: Studio Pierrot
Türkiye'de: Yayımlanmadı
Linkler: [ANIDB] [NFO] [ANN] [1]
Genel Puan: 8.91 (İstatistikler) (Yorum Gir) (Yorumları Oku) (50 Yorum Var)
Favori: 399 üyenin favori listesinde
Giriş Tarihi: 13/03/2006
Son Değişiklik: 09/01/2008


Yönetmen: Hayato DATE
Senaryo: Akatsuki YAMATOYA, Junki TAKEGAMI, Katsuyuki SUMISAWA, Kou Hei Mushi, Shinji SATOH
Animasyon: Atsuho MATSUMOTO, Yukiko BAN
Müzik: Toshio MASUDA
Dizayn: Hirofumi SUZUKI, Tetsuya NISHIO
Orjinal Eser: Masashi KISHIMOTO


Naruto, içine hapsedilmiş kyubii (9 kuyruklu efsanevi tilki) yüzünden Konoha halkı tarafından yaratık olarak görülüp kenara itilmiş bir çocuktur. Naruto'nun bütün hedefi Ninja akademisini bitirip, Hokage olmaktır.

Akademi'nin ilk bölümünü bitirip genin olarak mezun olan Naruto, arkadaşları Sakura ve Sasuke ile chunin olabilmek için yeni eğitimlerine başlarlar.

Yaramaz ve bir o kadar heyecanlı bir kişiliğe sahip olan Naruto, içindeki kyuubinin gücünü yavaş yavaş öğrenecektir.

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Bağlantılı Animeler:

Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow (Film) (2004)
Naruto the Movie 2: Legend of the Stone of Gelel (Film) (2005)
Naruto the Movie 3: Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom (Film) (2006)
Naruto Shippuuden (TV Serisi) (2007)
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Naruto Shippuuden: Kizuna (Film) (2008)
Naruto Shippuuden: The Will of Fire Still Burns (Film) (2009)

Bağlantılı Mangalar:

Naruto (1999)


Naruto ナルト Naruto Naruto Naruto

Bölüm Listesi:

001. Enter! Uzumaki Naruto
002. I am Konohamaru!
003. A Rival!? Sasuke and Sakura
004. The Trial! Survival Training
005. Failure? Kakashi`s conclusion
006. Important Mission! Super Trip to the Wave Country!
007. The Assassin of the Mist!
008. Decision Sworn on Pain
009. Kakashi the Sharingan User
010. The Forest of Chakra
011. The Country where the Hero existed
012. Battle at the Bridge! Zabuza once again!!
013. Haku`s Master Technique. Mirror of Ice Crystals.
014. Number One in surprising People, Naruto joins Battle!
015. The Battle with Zero Visibility, the Sharingan Destroyer
016. The Released Seal
017. The White Past, The Secret Feelings
018. A Tool known as a Ninja
019. Zabuza disperses into the Snow ...
020. Enter the New Chapter! Its the Chuunin Exam
021. Identify Yourselves! The Powerful Enemies That Have Arrived!
022. Energy, 120 percent! A modern and rock challenge!
023. Defeat the Rivals! All Nine Rookies have Assembled
024. I Fail Already? The Extremely difficult 1st Exam
025. An off-the-cuff match! The 10th question that we must hold out on.
026. Must See! Report before the Forest of Death! This is the Leaf School Newspaper!
027. Second Exam starts! Everyone around us is an enemy
028. Eat or be eaten! Naruto becomes bait.
029. Naruto Strikes Back! Im Not Going to Run Away!
030. Revive, Sharingan! Finish Move. Fire Element, Dragon Fire Technique
031. Super Eyebrow Platonic! I Will Protect You to the Death!!
032. Sakura Blooms! The Back of Determination.
033. The Ultimate Formation! Ino Shika Chou!!
034. Akamaru surprised! Gaara`s Exceptional Ability.
035. Absolutely No Peeking! The Secret of the Scroll
036. Replication Match! I`m the Main Character!
037. Second Exam Completed! All of Them are Here, the Rookie Nine!
038. Those Who Pass Cut Down to Half?! It`s an Unexpected Fight!!
039. Super Eyebrows Jealous! [Lion Combo] is born!
040. A Touch-and-Go Situation! Kakashi vs Orochimaru
041. Rivals Clash! The Hearts of the Girls are in Serious Mode
042. The best battle is alright, damn it!!
043. Shikamaru Staggers!? Female Ninja`s Heated Battle.
044. Akamaru Joins the Fight!! Which One Will be the Underdog?
045. Hinata Blushes! The Crowd Open Their Mouths Wide, Naruto`s Trump Card
046. Byakugan Unleashed!! The Shy Hinata`s Daring Determination!
047. In Front of the Person I Admire!!
048. Gaara Crushed!! It`s Youth! Power! And Explosion!
049. Hot-blooded Dropout! Finally Unleashed, the Forbidden Master Move!
050. Rock Lee! This is how a man lives
051. Shadow Moving in the Darkness! Crisis Approaching Sasuke!
052. Ebisu Returns! I will not allow Shamelessness
053. Hey, stop for a second! Pervert-Sennin appears!
054. Taught Directly from the Perverted Hermit, It`s the Summoning Technique!!
055. Painful Feeling, A Single Flower With Wish
056. Life or Death!? Mastering the Move is Life Threatening!
057. He Flew! He Jumped! He Sank! Enter The Frog Boss!!
058. The Evil Hand Sneaks Up! Hospital Room Targeted
059. Furious, Intense Chase, and Aggressive Dash. The Main Matches Begin!
060. Byakugan VS Shadow Replication! I Will Win!
061. No Blind Spot, The Other Absolute Defense
062. Dropout`s Hidden Power
063. Disqualified?! Danger! Moving Ahead of Schedule! The Main Tournament with Troubles!
064. The Clouds are Nice... The Guy With No Interest
065. Clash! The Moment Konoha (Leaf) Dance and Sand Wriggles!
066. The Man Who Called Upon The Storm!! Sasuke`s Fuzzy Eyebrow Style Combat Move!
067. I Wasn`t Late for Nothing! Ultimate Move. Chidori Revealed!!
068. Destruction of Konoha Commenced
069. I`ve Been Waiting For This! It`s an A-Rank Mission!!
070. Coward Number 1. It`s Troublesome, but I`ve Got to Do It!!
071. Absolutely Incomparable! A Hokage-Level Battle
072. The Hokage`s Mistake. The Real Face Under The Mask
073. Forbidden Master Technique! Shiki Fuujin
074. Astonishment! Gaara`s true character.
075. Exceeding the Limit... Sasuke`s Decision!
076. Assassin Under the Moonlight
077. Light and Darkness. The Name Gaara
078. Explosion! This is the Naruto Ninpocho!!
079. Go over the limit!. Light and Shadow –
080. Third, Farewell Forever......!!
081. Return of the Morning Mist
082. Sharingan vs. Sharingan
083. Ohh, Noo! Jiraiya`s Women Trouble, Naruto`s Misfortune
084. Conjure Chidori. Howl Sasuke
085. Foolish Little Brother. Hate Me, Detest Me!
086. Training Commences. I Swear I`ll Become Stronger!
087. Guts!!! Pop, Water Balloon!
088. The Konoha Mark and Forehead Protector
089. Ripple
090. Anger Explosion! Unforgivable
091. The First Hokage`s Inheritance. The Necklace That Calls Upon Death
092. Yes or No! Tsunade`s Answer
093. Negotiation Breakdown!!
094. Eat it! Rasengan of Anger
095. Fifth Hokage, Battle With Her Life!
096. The Battle of a Three-Way Deadlock
097. Naruto`s Strange Hot Springs Side Trip
098. Quit Being a Ninja! Tsunade`s Notice
099. The One Who Inherits the Will of Fire
100. The Hot Blooded Teacher and His Student`s Bond. The Time a Man Must Abide to His Way of the Ninja
101. I want to see, to know, to make sure: Kakashi-sensei`s uncovered face
102. New Mission Has Arrived, Save Justice, Human Hearts, and the Country of Tea!
103. Naruto Sunk!? The Big Ocean with a Swirling Plot
104. Run, Idate! The Stormy Trouble-Filled Nagi Island!!
105. Almost to the goal! A Thunder Roaring Big Battle
106. Will You Make It, Idate! The Never-Give-Up Last Spurt!!
107. I Want to Fight You! Finally Clashed, Sasuke VS Naruto
108. The Unseen Crack
109. The Invitation From The Sound
110. Complete! The Iron Wall Formation
111. Touch ~Sound Four`s Capabilities~
112. Suddenly a Fight Among the Group!? Shikamaru`s Squad in Big Danger.
113. Full power opening! Burning Chouji
114. Good bye, friend...! Even so, I believe.
115. Your opponent is me!
116. 360 Degree Field of Vision, Byukugan`s Blind Spot
117. Reason Why I Cannot be Defeated
118. Get back! The container that didn`t make it in time
119. Mistake! A new enemy
120. Roar! Howl! The Ultimate Tag
121. Our Separate Battles
122. Fake! Shikamaru The Man, Who Bets on The Revival of The Dead.
123. Konoha`s Green Beast Appears
124. The Beast Explodes! Burst, Blow, and Break Through
125. Allies of Konoha! The Shinobi of the Sand!
126. Showdown of the strongest! Gaara vs. Kimimaro!!
127. Determination for One Blow! Dance of The Seeding Ferns
128. Unreachable Outcry
129. Itachi and Sasuke. An existence too far apart.
130. Father and Son. The Cracked Family Crest
131. Enlightenment. The secret of Mangekyou Sharingan.
132. Close Friend!
133. Tearful Yell! You are my Friend.
134. Concluded in a rain of tears
135. The Promise That Couldn`t Be Kept
136. Infiltration investigation?! A super S-Class mission has finally arrived!
137. The town of outlaws. The shadow of the Fuuma Clan.
138. A pure betrayal. A fleeting wish.
139. Terror! Orochimaru`s Mansion
140. Two Heartbeats, Kabuto`s Trap
141. Sakura`s Decision
142. Three Villians of the Strictly Guarded Facility
143. Run Tonton! We`re counting on your nose
144. Rebirth of the Three Man Team, Two People and One Animal
145. Explosion! New Formation InoShikaChou
146. Leftover Ambitions Orochimaru`s Shadow
147. Confrontation of Fate! You Will Not Defeat Me
148. Even Akamaru is Jealous his Searching Ability! Search for the Phantom Bikouchuu!
149. How is it Different? Don`t all bugs look the same!?
150. Deceive, Confuse and be Deceived! The Grand Bug Battle
151. Blazing Byakugan! This is My Way of the Ninja
152. The Funeral March Towards Those With life
153. Reach your Heart! Fist of Love
154. Byakugan`s Natural Enemy
155. The Creeping Dark Clouds
156. Raiga`s Counterattack!
157. Run! It`s the Curry of Life!
158. Everyone come with me! The Survival Scheme of Sweat and Tears
159. Enemy or Ally!? The Bratty Bounty Hunter
160. Will We Take It or Will It Be Taken From Us!? The Okay Temple`s Battle
161. A Welcome Visitor Arrives The Green Beast? The Carnivore? ...The Welcomed Beast?
162. A Slow, White Warrior
163. Strategist: Koumei`s Schemes
164. The Helper Who Came Too Late
165. Naruto`s Death
166. Time is stopped
167. White Heron`s Flapping Wings of Time
168. Burn Zundou! Mix, Stretch and Boil it up!
169. Remembrance, The lost page
170. Impact, The closed door
171. Sneaking, The planned trap
172. Despair, The broken heart
173. Sea Battle, The released power
174. NO WAY! Celebrity Ninpou: Jutsu of Gold Element
175. Dig Here! Woof! Woof! The Search for Buried Treasure
176. Zigzag running ! Chasing, being chased, making a mistake
177. OH?! Please, Mister Postman.
178. Encounter, The Boy Named `Hoshi`.
179. Natsuhiboshi (Summer day’s star), Remembered Lullaby
180. Secret Technique, Compensation of Peacock Mysteries.
181. Hoshikage, The Buried Truth.
182. Meeting again, It`s Time to Leave
183. Enhance the Star`s Brilliance
184. Inuzuka Kiba`s Lo~ng Day
185. A legend has existed in Konoha
186. Laughed SHINO
187. Business Starting!! Konoha House Moving Center
188. Mysterious! The Pursued Peddlers
189. Underwater! An Inexhaustible Amount Of Ninja Weapons
190. Byakugan Saw It! The Magnet User`s Blind Spot
191. Sentence of Death "Cloudy and Sometimes Clear"
192. Ino screams! Chubby ♥ Paradise
193. Viva, Training group challenge
194. Grotesque, The cursed ghost castle
195. "The Third Great Beast, The Greatest Rival"
196. Clash of Tears! Hot Blooded Teacher and Student Showdown
197. "The Konoha 11 All Assemble"
198. Anbu gives up, Naruto's memory
199. Out of focus, The seen target
200. Active on Duty, The Strongest Helper
201. Multiple Traps, Countdown to Collapse
202. Today`s Announcement! Top 5 Battles with Sweat and Tear
203. Kurenai's Decision, Team 8 Left Behind
204. Yakumo targeted, Sealed abilities
205. Kurenai's top-secret mission~ A promise with the Third
206. Genjutsu or Reality? Those Who Control the Five Senses
207. Power that should have been sealed
208. Rare artifact, The importance of the Beauties of Nature
209. "The Enemy 'Shinobazu'"
210. Forest of Perplexity
211. Memories of Fire
212. The Respective Road
213. Lost Memories
214. Recovered reality
215. A past I want to erase
216. The craftsman goes out - The targeted Shukaku
217. The Sand`s allies - The Leaf`s shinobi
218. The Sealed Sand Water Tiger`s Counterattack
219. The Revived Ultimate Weapon
220. Going on a Journey



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