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Anime'nin Adı: Gintama
Diğer Adları: 銀魂, Silver Soul, Gin Tama
Kategori: TV Serisi
Tür: Komedi, Macera, Fantastik, Bilim Kurgu
Gönderen: Shana
Resmi Sitesi: [www]
Yayım Tarihi: 4/4/2006
Firma/Stüdyo: Sunrise, GAINAX, Dentsu, TV Tokyo, Sony Music Entertainment
Türkiye'de: Yayımlanmadı
Linkler: [ANN] [NFO] [ANIDB]
Genel Puan: 9.04 (İstatistikler) (Yorum Gir) (Yorumları Oku) (8 Yorum Var)
Favori: 51 üyenin favori listesinde
Giriş Tarihi: 17/06/2008
Son Değişiklik: 17/06/2008


Yönetmen: Shinji TAKAMATSU, Hirofumi OGURA, Hiroyuki HATA, Kazuo MIYAKE, Naoki HISHIKAWA, Shigeki TAKAGI, Yasuhiro MINAMI
Senaryo: Akatsuki YAMATOYA, Michiko YOKOTE
Animasyon: Akira TAKAHASHI, Shinji TAKEUCHI, Yukiko BAN, Chihiru MIYAWAKI, Dai IMAOKA, Youhei SASAKI, Youko SATOU
Müzik: Eiichi KAMAGATA
Dizayn: Shinji TAKEUCHI
Orjinal Eser: Hideaki SORACHI


Edo döneminin sonlarında “Amando” adlı zalim uzaylıların Dünya’yı istilası başlar ve dünyalılar ile uzaylılar arasında bir savaş kopar. Savaş sırasında birçok samuray hayatını kaybeder. Sonunda dünyalılar uzaylıların silahlarına yenik düşer ve teslim olurlar. Bu andan itibaren istediklerini yapmaya başlayan ve Edo şehrinde diledikleri gibi davranmaya başlayan Amando’lar yetmezmiş gibi hükümet geride kalan samurayların kılıç taşımasını yasaklar.

Aradan uzun zaman geçer. İşte Sakata Gintoki, artık samuraylara ihtiyaç duyulmayan böyle bir dönemde yaşayan bir samuraydır. Güçlü bir uzaylı olan Kagura ve bir nevi öğrencisi olan Shinpachi ile yaşayan Gintoki, Dünya’yı daha katlanılır bir yer kılabilmek ve kiralarını ödeyebilmek için kendilerine gelen birbirinden garip görevleri üstlenirler.


  • Shonen Jump’ta yayınlanmaya devam eden popüler seri Gintama, bir aksiyon-komedi serisi olması ve yer yer ciddi sahneler de barındırmasının yanında, yayınlandığı dergi içindeki sayısız ünlü eserin parodilerini yapması ve sürekli bir göndermede bulunmasıyla da ünlüdür.

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    Bağlantılı Mangalar:

    Gintama (2004)


    Gintama 銀魂 Silver Soul Gin Tama

    Bölüm Listesi:

    01. When seal is stamped, contents are confirmed
    02. What is extraterritoriality law?
    03. Natural perms are detestable things
    04. Pay Attention, Jump Sometimes Comes Out On Saturday
    05. Make friends you can call by nicknames even after you become an old man
    06. A promise to protect even after death
    07. A pet is the responsibility of the owner to look after until the end
    08. There is a paper-thin difference between toughness and vengefulness
    09. Fighting Is Done With Fists
    10. It's hard when you're tired
    11. Gooey messy sweet dumpling... What...? It's not a dumpling...? That bastard...!
    12. It's hard to make a good first impression
    13. If cosplaying, cosplay to adorn the heart
    14. There is a funny rule that states… If a man touches a frog, he will become a real man/It will be fine if you just wash your armpits
    15. The pet and the owner are alike
    16. Life gets longer when Mr Otae becomes longer! Scary!!
    17. Father and son are only alike on the things that they dislike
    18. Ah, only home is the best
    19. You ask why seawater is salty? That is because city people like you dirty the sea while swimming!!
    20. Beware of the conveyor belt
    21. A man has to be fished! / If you sleep without switching on the fan, beware that you will get a stomachache
    22. A mistake in your marriage will lasts forever
    23. When you are in trouble, laugh out loud
    24. There is definitely something hidden behind the cute facade
    25. The steamboat is like a model of life
    26. Do not be embarrassed, just say it
    27. There are things that the blade cannot cut
    28. Good things do not always happen in succession while bad things do
    29. A) Do not fret! There are things known as “clean-off” B) You have to watch the television or read the newspapers properly
    30. The things that the idol does are similar to what we do
    31. Only things that are unimportant are difficult to forget
    32. Life flows like a conveyor belt
    33. It is impolite to mistake a person's name
    34. A manual on love is unnecessary
    35. You should not judge a person by his appearance
    36. For a person who has an injury in the shank, you can really talk
    37. Those fellows who complain that there is no Santa believe in his existence B) A bell cannot make troubles disappear, you must do it yourself
    38. Only kids get excited when it snows B) During winter, eating ice-cream is sweet
    39. Ramen shops which offer lots of menus are usually not popular
    40. The plan is to make children
    41. I do not know whether the movie is interesting just by the titles
    42. Earthworms swell when you urinate on them
    43. The character should be drawn such that the reader will know who it is just by the silhoutte
    44. Mother is busy, so stop your complaints about the dinner menu
    45. A pet dog's stroll should be done at a moderate speed
    46. xx play comes after you turn 20
    47. Do cherry blossoms turn into cherry trees?
    48. The two who are alike are quarreling B) No matter what you do, do not lose
    49. Life without gambling is like sushi without wasabi
    50. Undecided is undecided and it's not a decision
    51. Milk should be in the temperature like human skin
    52. Make an appointment first before meeting with someone
    53. Stress will causes baldness but when paying too much attention on prevent stress the stress will builds up again in the end there is nothing that we can do to it
    54. Mothers are the same no matter where they are
    55. Do not make that “kucha kucha” sound when eating
    56. Take note of the one-day director
    57. You must go back to the day of action when you are looking for lost items
    58. Korokke bread is always popular in shops
    59. Do not forget where you left your umbrella
    60. The sun will rise
    61. Insects at night gather in the light
    62. What you want is not what you get
    63. The preview of the next edition of Jump is unreliable
    64. Eating corn is unexpectedly very filling
    65. The boy learns the value of life through the beetle
    66. Substance over form
    67. This life that continues to run B) Minami-chan is indeed the ideal girlfriend
    68. The cross-over world is full of idiots
    69. Please separate your garbage
    70. Cute things become disgusting when there are too many
    71. There is data that cannot be deleted
    72. A)Let's drive there B)Doggy meatballs have a fragrant smell
    73. The mushrooms are delicious
    74. A mangaka has to stock up enough drafts to be qualified
    75. Do not complain about work at home, do it outside!
    76. Quietly cook red-bean rice at this time
    77. Yesterday's enemy is also today's enemy
    78. A person who's picky with food is also picky with humans.
    79. If there's four people, it is a lot of knowledge
    80. A person that wears glasses suddenly takes the glasses off, it feels like somethign is missing. Like the part of the person is missing.
    81. A woman's best make up is the smile
    82. It's not like I line up for Ramen. I line up for satisfy myself.
    83. Luck and identity have no relationship - Hard boiled egg on man's heart
    84. A Man's heart is like a hard-boiled egg - Hard boiled egg won't get crashed
    85. Hard boiled egg won't get crashed
    86. There are many instances where you cannot get to sleep even after counting sheep
    87. Use German surplexes on women who like to ask which is important, me or work
    88. The start is always the happiest in joint parties
    89. When there's two, there will be three
    90. It's scary to eat the wrong food when it's so delicious
    91. If you want to slim down, go and exercise, do not eat
    92. Become a person who is able to find a person's merits rather than his weak points
    93. Even heroes have their own problems
    94. When you are sitting on the train, both hands must be strapped
    95. Men are Madao
    96. If you are a man, do not give up
    97. A) Herioc stories of the past are exaggerated by three folds B) Boys are weak towards girls from a flower shop or a cake shop
    98. Game is an hour per day
    99. Life as well as games are only bugs
    100. Those who are disliked are always adorable
    101. Law exists to be violated
    102. Otakus are talkative
    103. The difference between stengths and weaknesses is only a thin line
    104. Important things are hard to see
    105. Anything depends on the beat and the timing
    106. Love is generally a Sudden Death formula
    107. Reciprocate your parents' love
    108. Better leave it unsaid
    109. Life is a test




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