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Fist of the North Star

Fist of the North Star
Anime'nin Adı: Fist of the North Star
Diğer Adları: 北斗の拳, Hokuto no Ken
Kategori: TV Serisi
Tür: Aksiyon, Dövüş
Gönderen: Blue
Resmi Sitesi: [www]
Bölüm Sayısı: 109
Yayım Tarihi: 4/10/1984 ile 5/3/1987 arası
Firma/Stüdyo: Toei Animation
Türkiye'de: Yayımlanmadı
Linkler: [ANIDB] [ANN] [NFO]
Genel Puan: 8.25 (İstatistikler) (Yorum Gir) (Yorumları Oku) (2 Yorum Var)
Favori: 8 üyenin favori listesinde
Giriş Tarihi: 17/10/2006
Son Değişiklik: 17/10/2006


Yönetmen: Toyoo ASHIDA
Orjinal Eser: Yoshiyuki OKAMURA, Tetsuo HARA


Kısa zaman öncesinde yaşanan nükleer savaş, Dünyayı yok olma noktasına kadar getirmiştir. Dünya yok olmamıştır ama; insanlık bir kaç adım geriye gitmiştir. Uygarlıklar bozulmaya uğramış, zayıflar köle olarak kullanılmaya başlamış ve Dünyaya farklılaşıma uğramış devler hükmetmeye başlamıştır. Barut, insanoğluna yabancı bir madde olmuş, sadece kas gücüne ihtiyaç duyulur olmuştur. İnsan oğlunun kurtulmak için tek umudu, yeni "Fist of the North Star" olacak bir kahramandır.

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Fist of the North Star

Bölüm Listesi:

01. God or demon!? The strongest man appeared in Hell
02. The Zankei death blow!! Lights appeared at the end!!
03. Punches are burning on a dark street! Five fingered explosive burst!!
04. Attack bloody cross!! The secret punch by soft strikes
05. The flame of love in Hell. You`re already dead!!
06. The evil`s plan. Attacking the man with 4 scars!
07. Villains! Countdown to death
08. Rip into the nerve cells! No requiem for the bad guys
09. Criminals! Pray before you die!!
10. Flame death blow! Too many people should die!!
11. Villains!! Listen to the requiem from Hell!!
12. I am the God of Death!! I`ll chase you to the ends of Hell!!
13. The arhat deva fist! The endless killing!!
14. These grieving times! Many kind people die too early!!
15. I count to three! You are the one who is dead!!
16. Try to sing, villains! The counting rhyme of Hell!!
17. Fight if you are a man! The guts of confrontation have opened!
18. Life or death!? At the end of the wilderness lies the first street of Hell!!
19. Damn! Get ready to die!!
20. Nightmarish full-scale war! My fists pack one million volts!!
21. The palace is on fire! Shin! I`m close to finding you!!
22. Julia forever...as well as Shin!
23. Battle is all that awaits me!
24. Nanto suichoken! The tragedy of the strong begins!!
25. The evil people! Their name is the Fang Clan!!
26. Tremble while you sleep! The bandits of Night Fog Valley!!
27. Only criminals can laugh! I hate this age!!
28. Rei! I`ll wipe your tears with my fists!!
29. It`s too late for begging! Death to the Bandit King!!
30. Fate is unavoidable! Who is Jagi!!
31. Mask of Hell! He who terrorizes in the name of the North Star!!
32. The four linked fists of rage! Jagi, Hell is waiting for you!!
33. This is a miracle village! The fallen angel!
34. Toki! You are an angel or devil!!
35. Evil man! Toki, you have gone bad!!
36. I don`t have the past to use! Just my hatred for Toki!!
37. Refuse your love! Because he is the death star...!
38. Ranzan punch! An unfortunate woman!!
39. The evil legend! The door to Casandra!!
40. Evil doesn`t need graves! This is Hell`s Casandra!!
41. 2000 years of grief! Ken`s footsteps!!
42. End of the century with no tomorrow! This is the day waiting for Ken!!
43. Casandra is destroyed! The legend of the Hokuto won`t change!!
44. The death star shines! Ken, are you bidding with another`s life!!
45. People are afraid of death! Lynn`s cry of rage!!
46. Calling from Hell! Rei, Did You See the Death Star
47. The Nanto Dance of Death! I`ll Give my Life for the Sake of Love
48. Final Moves Explode! The Fate of Hokuto Brothers Exceed Hatrid
49. The Strongest Battle in History, Raoh vs Ken! You`re The One Who Will Die!!
50. Death Sentence in 72 Hours! The Death Star Drags Rei
51. Fate Without a Future! She Still Believe`s in Love
52. Yudo of the Nanto Roku Sei Ken! I am More Beautiful Than Anyone
53. Death Omen Star is Falling!! Rei! Heaven Tricks Time Cruelly
54. My Love Mamiya! The Death Star Hides in the Sparkle of Your Eyes
55. You Will Die, Rei! The Most Beautiful Battle
56. Beautiful Fighters Rei vs Yuda! Tears are Unnecessary on a Man`s Path
57. Farewell Rei! The Legend of the Hero Will be Passed Down Through the Generations
58. Military Rule in Troubled Times. When Nanto Falls Into Disorder, Hokuto Appears
59. The Dark Star Is Covering the Heavens! It`ll Move After the Deadly Battles
60. Shuu of the Nanto Hakurou-Ken! What are You Watching at the End of this Century
61. Love on the Battlefield! Will this Era Tear Love Apart?
62. I`m The Holy Emperor, Souther! Both Love and Compassion are Forbidden
63. The Young Warrior Challenging Fate! The Cry of his Soul Moves the Heavens
64. Bloody Battle: Shuu vs Souther! Love is Drowned by the Tears of the Star of Benevolence
65. The Bloody Holy Cross Pyramid! Shuu! My Heart Will Hold Your Tears
66. Run, Kenshiro! Another Friend is Going to Die!!
67. Kyoku-Sei Showdown, Ken vs Souther! Only My Star Can Protect the Heavens!!
68. Souther, the Sad Holy Emperor! Love Wears You Down!!
69. The Strongest Era of Hokuto! The Fate of the 3 Brothers Finally Begins!!
70. Another Hokuto Shin Ken! Cast Raoh Into Darkness!!
71. The Birth Secret Revealed! Heaven Desire`s Tragedy!!
72. Farewell Toki! The Tear`s Fall Only Once!!
73. Man of the Wolf Star, Ryuuga! I Will Take Hold of that Rainbow!!
74. The Wolf Running Towards the Horizon! The End of Love and Hatred!!
75. Forgive Me, Sister! Fighting Hokuto is the Fate of My Star!!
76. Fist of Fire Versus the Howling Wolf! Now Toki is in Danger!!
77. The New Age Awakens! The Wolf`s Howl Reaches the Heavens!!
78. Nanto Sei Ken`s Shin! You Live and Die for Love Getting Nothing in Return!!
79. Rei, of the Nanto Suicho Ken! There is a Man Who Died For His Friend!!
80. Yuda, the Nanto Koukaku Ken! Your Beautiful Smile Caused Tragedy!!
81. Shuu of Nanto Hakurou Ken! The Heavens Have Dealt You a Cold-Hearted Fate!!
82. Holy Emperor Souther! You Love More Than Others Because You`re Obsessed With It!!
83. Prepare For Death, Raoh! Legend Will Turn Into Fear!!
84. Nanto`s Strike Back! Wind Army, Protect the Last General!!
85. Prelude of the Deadly Battle!! The Cry of Hyuui, the Man of the Wind, Echoes to the Heaven!!
86. Burn, The Red Army! The Tears of Flames Ignite Shuren!!
87. The Goshasei In Danger! Raoh Finally Breaks Through The Flame!!
88. The Goshasei Approaches Kenshiro! Fudo, Who Are You!!
89. The Wind and Cloud Revelation! Ken, Fate Awaits At The Capital of Nanto!!
90. I am Juuza, the Cloud! I Leave My Destiny to the Flow of Time!!
91. The Cloud Has Yet To Move! The Last Nanto Star Finally Revealed!!
92. Juuza Revived! I Do Not Fear Raoh!!
93. Showdown: Juuza vs Raoh! The End of the Invincible Legend!!
94. Fudo is in Danger! Hurry Ken, A Man Never Deserts His Friend!!
95. Merciless Inferno of Sand! Is There Any Help for Dying Fudo!!
96. The Fall of Juuza! I`ll Protect the Woman I Love With My Life!!
97. Farewell, Yuria! Even When Facing Death, A Warrior Will Not Speak Of Love!!
98. Disturbance in the Nanto Capital! The Two Hokuto Brothers Meet At Last!!
99. Sorrowful Goshasei! You`re the Woman Burdened by Love and Fate!!
100. The Ultimate Secret, Musou Tensei! Raoh, You`ve Finally Been Cornered!!
101. Will Raoh`s Ambitions Perish with his Fall? The Heavens are Still in Disarray!!
102. The Mighty Raoh is Lost in Confusion! I Will Not Believe in Love!!
103. The Demon`s Challenge! Fudo, Become a Demon for the Sake of Your Loved Ones!!
104. The Gentle and Brave Fudo! Those Tears Awaken A Burning Passion!!
105. Guard the Nanto Jibo-Sei! Even at the Cost of the Lives of the Gosha!!



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